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Employee Productivity Tracker

Employee Productivity Monitoring - Adventa Holdings

Want to make sure your employees actually work?

Adventa brings you the most effective employee productivity tracking system to measure the productivity of your employees. We offer separate employee tracking solutions to measure the productivity of both in-house and remote employees of your organization.

We provide the best employee tracking system to measure the productivity of the in-house employees of your company in order to increase productivity. We make sure that your spending on employees won’t be wasted. This allows you to protect your employees, make sure everyone is on track, and have greater control in the workplace.

If you are looking to increase your company productivity and the productivity of your distance teams such as sales teams, this is the best tool we offer you to support the operational efficiency. We guarantee you a 22% average increment of the productivity of your remote teams.

Our business solution provides various online and email reports to business management, which provides additional information on how time is spent in your business.

Our goal is to help individuals and organizations be more productive. Through our solution, we help people stop wasting their lives on distractions and finish what is important to them instead.

The key features of Employee Productivity Tracker;

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